I have been creating websites for the last fifteen years and more recently iOS and Android Apps. You can see some of my projects below. If you have a project you would like to discuss please email me.

I also work part-time for an excellent company called Blue Zinc. As Blue Zinc’s System Administrator I help manage their flagship product, TM3.

E-Breathe App

My current project is creating an App for E-Breathe. It’s a joy to create a resource for a company doing good work in the area of respiratory health.

China Queen’s Center App

The Scheduling App I created for the China Queen’s College in the People’s Republic of China enables pharmaceutical students to access timetable information.

The App’s timetable data is retrieved from an API server I setup in Hong Kong to ensure a good experience for the students in Shenyang.

Tringa App

I was delighted to create the Tringa App for the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast and the University of York.

The Tringa App supports a clinical study being conducted by the University of York. The clinical study is designed to evaluate women’s use of a vaginal ring device. A small sensor embedded in the device regularly records temperature measurements. The project team are interested to know if the temperature data can be used to determine whether the ring is is in place within the vagina or has been removed.


Sendtocalendar is a website which enables universities to upload timetable information in Microsoft Excel to Google Calendar. Students can then access their lectures and practicals using Google Calendar on their computer or phone.


The Freeperiod website was my first project and remains very successful. Schools all over the world use Freeperiod to share rooms and resources. Using Freeperiod school staff can book rooms, computers, laptops, iPads, Swimming Pools, meeting rooms, minibuses…pretty much anything.